This feature allows you and your team members to store and share important links related to your projects. With Links, you can conveniently access all the resources you need from a centralized location, saving time and increasing productivity.

The main difference between Links and Private Bookmarks is that Links is specifically designed for collaboration. Within each shared link, you can choose to notify members, add descriptions and even comment to discuss with your teammates.

Link groups

You can categorize your links into groups, providing a structured and intuitive system for organizing and accessing project-related resources.

You can easily change the order of link cards or move them between groups using drag and drop.

Notify members about newly added links

When adding a new link in Upbase, you can choose specific team members to be notified about it. This ensures that relevant individuals are immediately informed about the addition of a new resource. This keeps everyone up to date with the latest project-related links.

You can also notify members about an existing link by adding them to the watchers list on the link details page.

Link details page

Hover over a link name and click to open the link details page. On this page, you can:

Add descriptions to a link

You can provide details about the resource’s relevance, purpose, or any specific instructions by adding descriptions to each link. You can even paste an image into the description, and it will appear on the link card.

Comment on a link

This feature allows team members to engage in conversations directly within the context of a link. Users can comment on a link, share their thoughts, ask questions, or provide feedback.

Add team members to the watchers list

By adding a team member to a link, they will receive notifications about the link and all new comments related to it.


Currently, all links are VISIBLE to guests. We’re still working on it.

Quickly access links with the Chrome extension

Links from all lists will be displayed in the Upbase New tab Chrome extension. This allows you to easily access the links you have saved right from the new tab. Links added here will be synchronized with the Upbase app.

You can choose to show/hide lists or rearrange their positions according to your preference.

Additionally, with the Chrome extension, you can open all links within the same group with just one click, which is not possible in the app.

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