If you often work with a page inside the app, such as a task list or a document, you can bookmark that page in the sidebar for easy access.

Add Bookmarks

To create a bookmark, you need to:

1. Navigate to the desired page.

2. Click on the “Add bookmark” button in the bookmarks section of the left menu.

The “Add bookmark” popup will appear as below:


  • When clicking on the “Add bookmark” button, the current page will be added.
  • If you bookmark a page in a list, the color of the bookmark is automatically selected according to the color of the list. 
  • Icons are suggested according to the page you bookmark. For example, if you bookmark a document, the Doc icon will be selected.
  • You can rename a bookmark just as you like.

Another way to add bookmarks is to copy the URL of the page you want to bookmark, then click the “Add bookmark” button and paste the link into the form.

Bookmark an external link

Not only can you bookmark a certain page in the app, but you can also bookmark external links (other apps, website links, resources, etc.) to manage, organize and access more conveniently.

To bookmark an external link, click the “Add bookmark” button. On the Add Bookmark popup, click the “Clear” button to clear the form. Enter the link and name for your new bookmark.

Organize bookmarks by folder

You can create bookmark folders for easy sorting and organizing. Folders will be especially useful when you have a large number of bookmarks.

Create a bookmark folder

To create a bookmark folder, you need to:

1.      Hover over “Bookmarks”, then click the “+” button on the right

2.      Select “Folder” in the dropdown menu:

To create a new bookmark in a folder, hover over the folder name, then click the “+” button on the right.


  • You can drag and drop to change the order of bookmarks within a bookmark folder or to move them in/out a folder.
  • You can also drag and drop to change the order of bookmark folders.

Edit and Delete Bookmarks

To edit a bookmark, hover over the bookmark name and click the “…” icon on the right, click “Edit”. The Edit Bookmark popup will appear. Click “Delete” if you want to delete the bookmark.

Notes: When you delete a bookmark folder, all the bookmarks in that folder are deleted and cannot be restored.

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