Invite and collaborate with other members in Upbase

Upbase is a tool designed for team collaboration. It allows you to easily share work and collaborate with your team members. To work with your team in Upbase, follow these two simple steps:

1. Invite your team members to your workspace

Click on “Settings” in the left sidebar.

On the People page, click "Invite people":

The Invite popup will appear as follows:

  1. Enter your member's email addresses. You can add multiple emails at once, separating them by commas.
  2. Choose their role as "Admin" or "Member".
  • Admin:

    - Can access workspace settings.

    - Can invite new members to the workspace, remove members, or set roles for them.

    - Can permanently delete any item in Trash.

    - Can delete any users’ items, including their comments.

  • Member: Members are regular users and have limited access rights, they can access only list settings, not workspace settings.
  1. Share lists with team members that you want them to access. If you select "No list", then the members you're inviting will NOT have access to any existing lists.

Important: All lists in Upbase are private. They are only visible to members who have been specifically invited to join them.

2/ Add your members to a list you want to collaborate with

If you already share some lists with your members when inviting them to your workspace, then you can collaborate with them in these lists.

If not, you need to manually add them to a list you want them to have access to, so you can collaborate with them.

To add members to a list, follow these steps:

Click the list name at the top bar and select "People and permissions".

On the People page, click "Add members" and select the people you want to add to the list.

That's it! Now you can share your work and collaborate with your members in the list.

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