Working with Guests in a list

If you need to collaborate with someone outside your organization, such as a client, you can invite them to the list in the workspace as a guest.

Guest permissions

  • Guests can be invited only to the lists, not the workspace. 
  • Guests can access only the lists they were invited to join. Guests cannot see other lists, even public ones.
  • Guests cannot delete lists.
  • Guests cannot create new lists.
  • Guests can see only the members of the list to which they were invited.
  • Guests cannot add or remove list members.
  • Guests cannot access list settings.
  • Guests cannot publicly share any list item.
  • Guests cannot access the Trash page.

How to invite guests to a list

Right next to the list to which you want to invite guests, click on the three-dot icon. Then select “List settings”.

Go to "People" and click “Invite guests” at the top right corner.

Fill in the guests’ emails, select the permissions for these guests, then click Invite.

Those who are invited will receive emails allowing them to create guest accounts in the workspace.

Managing guests

You can manage all invited guests in the “People” section in the Workspace settings.

In the ACCESS column, click on the dropdown menu to see the lists shared with guests. Here, you can change their permissions or remove them from a list.

What a guest can see

After logging into the workspace, guests can see the Workspace Schedule page, My tasks page, Chat, and those lists that they were invited to join.

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