Working with Guests/Clients in a list

If you need to collaborate with someone outside your organization, such as a client, you can invite them to the list in the workspace as a guest.

In a paid workspace, you can invite unlimited guests/clients for free.

Guest permissions

Guest permissions in a workspace

Guests have limited access to the workspace features.

  • Guests can be invited only to the lists, not the workspace.
  • Guests don't have access to the Schedule and My tasks page.
  • Guests don't have access to Direct messages.
  • Guests don't have access to the Tag manager section in the sidebar navigation.
  • Guests don't have access to the Members page.
  • Guests don't have access to the Daily Notes page.
  • Guests don't have access to the Notepad page.
  • Guests cannot delete lists.
  • Guests cannot create new lists.
  • Guests can see only the members of the lists to which they were invited.
  • On the Trash page, guests can only see and permanently delete the items they created.

Guest permissions within a list

  • Guests don't have access to list settings.
  • Guests cannot invite or remove list members.
  • Guests cannot archive or delete a list.
  • Guests cannot turn on/off list modules.
  • Guests cannot add tags to tasks.
  • Guests cannot add, rename, or delete task sections.
  • Guests cannot add, rename, or delete message categories.
  • Guests cannot delete any items created by others, including tasks, messages, docs, and files.
  • Guests can only see items shared with them, except list chat messages.

How to invite guests to a list

Click the list name, then select “People and permissions”.

On the People page, click “Invite guests” at the top right corner.

Fill in the guests’ emails, select the permissions for these guests, then click "Invite".

They will receive an invitation email to create an account and join the list in Upbase.

  • You cannot invite an existing team member as a guest in the same workspace. Vice versa, you cannot invite a guest account as a team member, even if the account has been removed from the lists.
  • Currently, it's not possible to convert a member to a guest and vice versa.

What guests can access after they join the list

Everything, except list chat messages, is private to team members by default. Guests will not see any tasks, docs, files, or messages if you don't share any items with them.

  • List chat is always visible to guests, and you can't make it private to team members.
  • Task sections are always visible to guests.

Here's what guests will see when they join a list with no shared items:

Here's what guests will see when they join the lists with no shared items

How to share an item with guests

Once a guest is added to a list, you will see a "guest sharing" button on the details page of any tasks, messages, docs, or files within that list. Click on that button to allow or remove guest access to the item.

How to share a task with guests

Open the task details page and click on the guest sharing button to share the task. 

Tasks with guest access will have a little square orange button on the task card: 

How to share a doc with guests

How to share a file with guests

Open the file details page, then click the guest sharing toggle button to share it with guests.

Important: When you share a file located in a folder, you need to share the folder and subfolders containing the file so that it can be accessed by guests.

Here is how to share a folder with guests:

How to share a message with guests

When you create a new message, turn on Guest Access in the Privacy field:

If you want to share an existing message, click on the Guest sharing button at the top right corner:

Managing guests

You can manage all invited guests in the “People” section in the Workspace settings.

On this page, you can remove guests from the workspace. When you remove a guest from the workspace, they will also be removed from all the lists they have access to.

To completely remove a guest from the workspace, use this page instead of the list settings page. Removing a guest from a list will not remove them from the workspace.


What can a guest see?

Guests can only see the lists that they joined and all shared items within these lists.

Who can invite guests?

Any list members can invite guests to the list.

Can I convert a guest to a member or vice versa?

No, it isn't possible to convert a guest to a member or vice versa.

How many guests can I invite?

You can invite unlimited guests.

Do I have to pay for the guests?

No. Guests are free of charge.

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