Workspaces, Folders and Lists in Upbase

Upbase’s structure includes 3 levels: Workspace -> Folder (optional) -> List.


In Upbase, a "workspace" refers to a top-level organizational unit where you can manage and collaborate on projects and tasks. It acts as a container for all the work you do within Upbase and helps you organize your tasks, teams, and resources effectively.

When you create a workspace in Upbase, you can define its name, set preferences, and configure various settings specific to that workspace. Each workspace can have its own unique structure, lists, tasks, and members.

With each email account, you can create or join multiple workspaces. Workspaces are completely separate and unrelated to each other.

You cannot move data from one workspace to another. Paid plans are charged per workspace.

You can create a new workspace or switch between workspaces by clicking on the dropdown icon next to the workspace name in the top left menu.

Folders (optional)

You can create folders to organize and categorize your lists. Please note that folders do not have their own attributes. You cannot invite members to join a folder; instead, you must invite them to the folder’s lists.

There's only one folder level. You cannot have a sub-folder within a folder.

When you delete a folder, the lists within that folder won't be deleted but they will be moved outside. Therefore, you must delete the lists one by one.

Here are some common uses for folders:

  • Create a folder named TEAM or COMPANY, which contains lists of teams, such as Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, HR, Finance, etc.

  • Create a PROJECT folder, in which the lists are projects.

  • Create a CLIENT_NAME folder to store clients’ projects if you have multiple projects with a single client.

  • Each folder can represent a department of your company and include that department’s projects. For instance, you can create PRODUCT, MARKETING, SALES, and HR folders.

  • Create a PERSONAL folder to manage your personal activities and a WORK folder that contains your job-related lists.

Pro tip: Use one type of icon for all lists within one folder; use other icons for lists in other folders. (Further details are available in the “List settings” section.)


Lists, where you can work and collaborate with your teammates, are the heart of Upbase. You can use lists to manage departments, projects, clients, etc.

You can also organize lists by folder, or not in any folder.

In Upbase, each list is private to its members. Neither other team members nor workspace owners/admins can access a list without an invitation. Only those explicitly invited can view its details, tasks, and discussions.

In every list, there are 6 tools to help you manage your work and collaborate with your team:

1. Tasks: Create and manage tasks. You can also add subtasks, attachments, comments, or more.

2. Docs: You can create and share documents with your team. Also, you can organize documents by folder and comment on each document.

3. Files: Store and share files with your teammates. You can upload multiple versions of a file and can comment on each file.

4. Schedule: This is where you can schedule and manage your daily work. You can create tasks on this page, or drag and drop tasks from the “Unscheduled tasks” section onto a day to schedule it.

5. Messages: You can post announcements, ask questions, get feedback, share ideas, or have any type of long-form discussion. The messages are easy to search for and follow because they can be organized by topic.

6. Chat: Use Chat instead of Messages if you want to have a quick discussion with your teammates.

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