I invited some members to the workspace, but they haven't received the invitation email. How can they join the workspace?

Before proceeding with the following guide, please ensure:

  • You have entered the correct email addresses of your members when inviting them to the workspace.
  • Ask your members to check their spam folder to see if the email ended up there.

If they still cannot find the email, please instruct them to follow these steps:

These steps below also apply when inviting guests to a list.

1/ Sign up for an Upbase account and create a FREE workspace.

2/ In the workspace they just created, click on the workspace name at the top of the left sidebar to open the workspace list popup.

If they sign up with the same email address you've invited them to, they will see the invited workspace there.

Click on that workspace and then click "Join workspace" on the next page to join the workspace.

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