Google Calendar Integration

With our Google Calendar integration, you can:

  • Sync Google Calendar events to Upbase Calendar.
  • Sync tasks from Upbase to Google Calendar.

Notes: Before you proceed, we highly recommend creating a new Google Calendar to sync your Upbase tasks. There are two reasons for doing this:

  • Upbase tasks won't clutter your primary Google Calendar.
  • Once the sync is deleted, if you wish to remove tasks synced from Upbase from your Google Calendar, you'll need to remove them manually.

I. Connect Google Calendar accounts

You can connect multiple Google Calendar accounts to Upbase. To add a Google Calendar account, go to Settings/Calendars and click on the "Add Google Calendar" button.

On the "Sign in with Google" popup, make sure to check the checkboxes below.

Once connected, you'll see all your Google Calendar events in Upbase Calendar views. Any changes you make to an event in Google Calendar will be reflected in Upbase, and vice versa.

Repeat the same process to add another Google account.

Here's how the page looks after you have successfully added your Google Calendar accounts.

Important: You need to enable the calendars you wish to sync with Upbase.

II. View Google Calendar events in Upbase

Once you've connected your Google Calendar accounts, all events will be immediately synced to the Upbase calendar. To view your events, go to the Schedule page.

Note: During the initial connection, it may take over a minute for all of your Google Calendar events to be displayed in Upbase.

On the Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, Weekly Calendar, and Monthly Calendar views, click on the ellipsis icon to see the list of all Google Calendars. You can choose which Google Calendars to display in your calendar.

All events from the selected Google calendars will appear on the Upbase calendar with the same color as in Google Calendar.

You also have options to:

  • Show or hide events in the task columns
  • Mark an event as completed to hide it.
  • Show or hide past events

PRO TIP: Click on the time labels to zoom in or out of your calendar view.

Edit Google Calendar Events in Upbase

You can edit Google Calendar events in Upbase. All changes will be reflected on your Google Calendar.

Notes: Currently, you can only edit the following event fields in Upbase:

  • Event title
  • Event description
  • Event date and time
  • Location

III. Sync tasks from Upbase to Google Calendar.

Select which tasks to sync

You can choose either:

  • No tasks: Choose this option if you don't want to display tasks in Google Calendar.
  • My tasks: "Tasks assigned to me" are selected by default, but you have the option to include "Tasks created by me" as well.
  • All tasks: All tasks that are visible to you will be synced.


  • In Google Calendar, Upbase tasks will be displayed as Google Calendar events. The background color of these events will be based on the color of the selected calendar for synchronization.
  • Updating a task's name, start and due date, or start and due time will automatically update the corresponding Google Calendar event.
  • Tasks that have a due date but no specific start or due time are created as all-day events.

Link a list to a Google Calendar (optional)

You can choose to sync tasks from a specific list to a specific Google Calendar by linking them together.

Let's take a look at an example. If you want to:

Then, in the Google Calendar Sync settings, you need to link the "Product" Calendar to the "Product" list and the "Marketing" calendar to the "Marketing" list:

Default Calendar

When you select a Google Calendar as the default calendar, tasks within lists that have not been linked to any calendar and tasks that do not belong to any list (no list) will automatically sync with this calendar.

In the example above, tasks in the remaining lists AND tasks in no list with be synced to the selected default calendar named "General".


  • If you don't set a default calendar, only tasks in the linked lists will be synced.
  • If you don't set a default calendar and don't link any lists, no tasks will be synced.
  • If you set a default calendar but don't link any lists to any Google Calendar, all tasks within the workspace will be synced with the selected default calendar.

Remove a Google Calendar account

To remove an email account, simply click on the "Remove" button located next to it. You have the flexibility to re-add an account whenever you want.


Can I add multiple Google Calendar accounts to Upbase?

Yes, you can connect as many Google Calendar accounts as you want.

Why do you request permission to connect to Google Calendar?

In order to view, edit, and delete events directly from Upbase, it is essential to grant the following two scopes:

  • See and download any calendar you can access using your Google Calendar.
  • View and edit events on all your calendars.

Can other members see the Google calendars I connect?

No, other members cannot see the Google calendars you connect.

Are subtasks synced?

Yes, subtasks will be synced with your Google Calendar.

Can I create Google Calendar events in Upbase?

No, it is not possible to create events in Upbase. You can only edit existing events.

Is it possible to view events in Upbase with the exact same color as in Google Calendar?

Yes, in Upbase, you will see all events with the same color as they appear in Google Calendar.

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