The notifications panel

New notifications for you will be represented by 2 icons on the right of the top sidebar. Notifications in Upbase are divided into 2 types:

  • Chats: Shown by the lightning icon. All notifications of the Chat section are displayed here.
  • Other notifications: Notifications excluding Chat are represented by the bell icon.

Clear notifications

When you click on the notification icon, you can see a list of unread notifications. To mark the notification as read, click on the blue circle on the right. As an alternative, you can click “Mark all as read” to clear all the notifications.

Notification settings

You can go to the notifications settings page using this path: Settings – Personal – Notifications.

Email notifications

You can choose whether you want to receive email notifications. Also, you can select the type of email notifications you would like to receive:

  • Everything: Receive all notifications related to you.
  • Only @mention: Receive notifications only when someone mentions you.
  • Nothing: Receive no email notifications.

Browser notifications

Turn on/off notifications via browser. (This is different from email notifications.) You can also select the kinds of notifications you would like to receive, such as the settings for the email notifications as above.

How to stop receiving notifications from a task, doc, file, etc?

If you do not want to receive notifications regarding any item, whether it is a task, doc, message, or file, you can choose to unfollow that item. Click on the eye icon, then remove yourself from the item’s watchers list.

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