Workspace settings - People and permissions

This is where you manage the workspace members and guests. It includes 2 subpages:


Manage the workspace members and their roles:

Admin: The highest level

  • Can access the workspace settings.
  • Can invite new members to the workspace, remove members, or set roles for them.
  • Can permanently delete any item in Trash.
  • Can manage billing and payments.
  • Can delete any users’ items, including their comments.

Member: Members are regular users and have none of the above rights. Members can access only list settings, not workspace settings.

Invite members

To invite new members, click “Invite people” on the right. A popup will appear as below.

Enter one or multiple emails, set the role for them, then click “Invite”. These people will receive an invitation email to join the workspace. 

To set the member roles or remove members, click on the dropdown arrow in the Role column and select an option:


This is where you manage all guests invited to the workspace lists. Here, you can set the permissions for guests or remove them from lists.

In the ACCESS column, click on the dropdown arrow to see the guests’ access to lists and permissions (full access, comment only, view only):

Note that you cannot convert a guest to a member and vice versa.

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