List Settings

List Settings is where you will set up everything for a list. To get started, click on the list dropdown menu.

The List Settings section includes 2 pages, as seen below.

  1. Select the list color.
  2. Select the list icon.
  3. Name the list.
  4. List description (optional).
  5. Set up the Tasks’ default view layout, either List view or Board view.

List members

This is where you manage the list of members and their permissions.

Add list members

Click “Add members” at the top right corner. Then select the people you want to add to the list. You can add multiple members at the same time.

Next, set permissions. There are 3 levels:

  • Full access: Have full authority to create, edit, delete, or change the list settings. Guests cannot create lists, delete lists, or change list settings.
  • Can comment: Can comment but cannot create, edit, or delete anything.
  • Can view: Have permission only to view.

Change member permissions

You can change members’ permissions by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the permissions column, then selecting the desired permission.

Remove members

When you remove a member from a private list, that member's work will remain unchanged. The only difference is that the member can no longer access the list.

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