Archive, Delete and Restore

Archive a list

When you are no longer actively working on a list but still want to keep it, you can archive it. Please note that archiving a list does not delete any of the list items. 

To archive a list, click on the three-dot icon next to the list, then select “Archive”.

That list will be hidden from the left menu. If you want to view your archived lists, hover over “My lists”, click the three-dot icon and click “Show archived lists”:

Restore a list

Click on the three-dot icon next to the archived list you want to restore, then select “Unarchive list”.

Delete an item

You can delete tasks, messages, docs, files, etc. When deleting an item, click on the three-dot icon to open the options menu, then select Delete (usually at the bottom of the menu).

Restore a deleted item

When you delete an item, it will not be erased permanently. Rather, it will be moved to the “Trash” page in the Workspace section. Here, you can restore items or delete them permanently.

Click on the three-dot icon on the far right, then select “Restore” or “Delete permanently”.


  • Items on this page will be permanently deleted after 30 days from the date when they were added.
  • Admins and the workspace owner can restore or permanently delete any item.
  • Regular members can permanently delete items they created. 
  • Anyone can restore an item.
  • Guests cannot access the Trash page.
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