File details

Move a file or folder

This is where you upload, store, and share files with teammates within a list. 

The files page contains 2 parts. The left sidebar contains a list of folders, while on the right are the details of each folder, including subfolders and files.

1. The “Add new folder” button allows users to create a new folder.

2. Top-level folders

3. Change view mode to grid or list.

4. Create a new folder.

5. Upload files. You can upload multiple files at the same time.

File details

Clicking on the file name opens the file details popup.

1. Download. Click this button to download the file.

2. Watchers. Similar to task watchers, file watchers are the people who receive notifications related to the file. This list includes the people you choose to notify when files are uploaded. To add or remove watchers, you can click on the “watchers” icon.

3. Edit the file name.

4. Upload a new version. If you have different versions of the file, you can update them here. The latest version will be displayed. Older versions will be archived but are still accessible.

5. Share a public link. Click this icon to generate a public link through which you can share the file with anyone.

6. View file versions. If a file has multiple versions, you can click here to see all the uploaded versions. This feature will help you track the changes you have made from the beginning to the end.

7. Comments input form. You can collaborate with your teammates on each file by adding comments, attaching files, adding emojis, or mentioning someone. 

Move a file or folder

You can move a file or folder to another folder within the same list. You can't move it to other lists.

Click the three-dot icon, then select “Move":

The “Move” popup will appear as follows.

Select the folder you want to move your files or folders to and click “Move”.

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