Doc templates

Doc actions menu

You can use Docs to create notes, wikis, knowledge bases, etc. inside a list, instead of using another docs app, like Google Docs.

Docs layout includes 2 parts: a menu of folders and doc names on the left, and the doc content on the right.

The docs folder can have a maximum of 5 levels of subfolders. In subfolder level 5, you can create only docs, not another subfolder.

You can drag and drop a doc to change its position, moving it into or out of a folder.

1. Watchers

Watchers are those who receive notifications relating to docs.

When you add a new doc, you will be the only one on the watchers list. That means no one will receive a notification about the doc. You will need to click on the eye icon and select the people you want to notify about the newly added doc.You will be added to a watchers list in the following cases:

  • You or someone else clicks the eye icon and adds you to the doc’s watchers list.
  • You are the doc creator.
  • You comment on a doc.
  • You are mentioned in a comment in the doc.

If you do not want to receive notifications about a doc, click the eye icon and remove yourself from the watchers list.


Click on the “Comment” icon next to the “Watchers” icon to open the comment sidebar. In this sidebar, you can add comments, mention teammates, add emojis, etc. The people on the watchers list will receive notifications of these activities.

Click on the “Comment” icon or the “Hide” icon to return to the initial layout.

Doc templates (soon)

If you frequently create docs with identical layouts, you can save the layout as a template and reuse it in the future.

How to create a template

  1. Create a new doc with the layout you want to save as a template for future reuse.  
  2. Click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the doc. Select “Save as template”.

   3. Name the template, then click “Save”.

How to apply a template

  1. Create a new doc.
  2. On the doc editing page, click “template”.

    3. Select the desired template in the popup. The template’s content will be loaded into the newly created doc.

How to rename or delete a template

In the document template popup, hover over a template and click the three-dot icon. Then, you can choose to either rename or delete this template.

Doc actions menu

  1. Hover over the doc name in the left sidebar and click on the three-dot icon. Or you can click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the doc.

  • Rename: Change the doc title without having to open the doc editing page.
  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the current doc.
  • Copy link: Copy the doc link to share it with teammates in Chats, Messages, etc. As an alternative, you can use it to create a Table of Contents page.
  • Share public link: Generate a link so you can publicly share the doc with anyone. (Only the doc content will be shared; the comments will be hidden.) 
  • Delete: Delete the doc.
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