The schedule is a weekly planner that helps you plan out tasks to complete in a week. 

Besides having a schedule page within each list, you also have a workspace schedule page that contains the scheduled tasks in all lists.

  1. Show/Hide completed tasks.
  2. Filter tasks by list.
  3. Filter tasks by assignee.
  4. Show "My tasks" (Tasks assigned to you or created by you) without due dates.

You can add a task from this page, or drag and drop unscheduled tasks to any day of the week to set their due date.

When you drag and drop a task to another day, the due date will be set according to that date.

Schedule your tasks

Click on the "Schedule" button on the far right corner to show all tasks with no due dates  created by you or assigned to you. Then drag and drop a task into a day of the week to schedule it.

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